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IMMIGRATION:   Long-term Visas

Foreigners wishing to remain in Thailand for an extended period of time may apply for any number of long-stay visas at Thai Embassies or Consulates abroad. In most cases, such visas will be granted for a period not exceeding 90 days following entry into Thailand. The visa can then be extended at a local Immigration Office for the maximum allowable period of extension, usually a year following the first date of entry. Non-B Visa   The most popular long-term visas requested by foreigners:

  • Business visa: to allow the applicant to work in Thailand (obtained in conjunction with a work permit);
  • Retirement visa: to allow an individual aged 50 and above to retire to Thailand (the visa holder is not allowed to work);
  • Marriage visa: to allow a foreigner married to a Thai national to live with his/her spouse in Thailand;
  • Dependent visa: to allow the married spouse of a foreigner holding a long-term visa to accompany his/her spouse for that same period of time; this visa also applies to children under the age of 20 accompanying parents with valid long-term visas in Thailand;
  • Guardianship visa: to allow a parent to come to Thailand to take care of his/her Thai child or a foreign child enrolled in a recognized educational institution;
  • Education visa: to allow an individual to attend recognized academic courses in, for example, the Thai language.

Thai-Non-O Visa   CNX Legal, if selected to advise the visa applicant in such matters, will prepare all required documentation for the Thai Embassy or Consulate abroad; and follow-up with the extension of visa after the applicant’s entry into Thailand.   CNX Legal can also arrange the following year’s extension of visa at a local Immigration Office in Thailand, preparing all necessary accompanying documents as permit book